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Wedding DJ Packages

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A top-notch DJ is a major wedding dj packagesV , but it’s one that can make your wedding reception the party of a lifetime. Like a venue, florist or hairstylist, you can find DJs at a variety of price points, but not all DJs are created equal. It’s important to interview DJs before booking, so you have a good understanding of what they offer and how their prices compare. This will help you identify opportunities to save without settling for a subpar DJ.

Wedding DJ prices vary widely based on experience, level of service and geographic region. They also depend on if you’re getting any add-ons such as ceremony sound, uplighting or a photobooth. Some DJs will charge a set fee, while others may have a per-hour rate. If the DJ is travelling to your wedding, travel costs can be significant.

As gas prices rise, DJs have started to pass those cost increases on to couples. Some DJs have also increased their fees to reflect the higher demand for their services.

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If you’re looking to save money on your DJ, you can try limiting their hours or asking a friend or family member to act as the master of ceremonies and handle announcements. Adding a basic lighting package can also reduce costs.

Some DJs will go above and beyond to ensure their clients have a five-star experience. This could include a surprise gift at the wedding or a nice thank-you sent shortly afterward. Examples of this include a bottle of wine, framed record of the first dance song or a piece of art with song lyrics*.

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