TOOL BOY is an unique device for assembling and disassembling cutting tools on tool holders and mounting on tool carts. The head can be rotated 360°, allowing convenient access for all operations in one set-up. TOOL BOY can be secured in a horizontal position for tightening a tool, which requires substantially less force to achieve optimum tightening torque.

Order No./Description
400500, Base Unit
400520, ISO 30 Adapter
400521, ISO 40 Adapter
400522, ISO 50 Adapter
400541, HSK A63 Adapter
400543, HSK A100 Adapter
*Other special taper pots (CAPTO, HSK, VDI, etc.) are available upon request.

  • Interchangeable Taper Modules
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick Tool Mounting in One Set-Up
  • Minimum Clamping Force Required
  • Compact Design

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