SUPER ARIO – An unattended workpiece accumulator that virtually eliminates damage to newly machined parts. SUPER ARIO is a compact and portable automatic parts accumulator for Swiss Machines and small CNC lathes. SUPER ARIO does not require any special interface with the machine and can operate unattended for many hours. For additional protection, the parts tray can be filled with washing fluid to remove oil and prevent damage from abrasion between newly manufactured parts.

Model No./Description
SPA-350, Compact Model
SPA-350h, Compact/Tall Model
SPA-500, Standard Model
SPA-500H, Standard/Tall Model
SPA-500L, Compact/460mm Height
SPA-500S, Standard/325mm Height
SPA-700, w/Flat-Tray (Holds twice the size as SPA-500)

  • Easy Set-Up and Operation
  • No Collisions between Parts
  • Protects and Cleans Expensive Precision Parts
  • Powered with AC110v Standard Wall Mount
  • Equipped with Casters and Height Adjustment Mechanism for Most Models
  • Exclusively Engineered for Swiss Machines and Small CNC Lathes

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